These rules are non-exhaustive guidelines. Please respect staff decisions, and remember that it's more important to follow the spirit of the rules than the letter of the rules. If you feel like you need to challenge a decision, if you do so respectfully and in private, using the /mod command.

This page doesn't supersede the Terms of Service, and we reserve the right to take any disciplinary action, up to and including banning your account, for any conduct regardless of whether it is explicitly addressed here.

If you have any questions about the rules, or want to report any behaviour which you feel is a violation, please use the /mod command in any channel! We may not respond immediately, but we'll be notified and will deal with your problem as soon as possible. You're welcome to contact mods with other questions or concerns too, even if you don't think anyone is directly breaking any rules.

Miscellaneous Rules

Staff Procedures

Details about our admin and moderation procedures, to eliminate ambiguity. If you feel like a member of staff isn't observing one of these procedures, please report it and we'll investigate.

If there's a procedure that you'd like to see detailed here which isn't, please let us know!